Cloudgine Ltd.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

Release date: TBA

Platforms: PC – OCULUS – VIVE



You’ve found a new planet, so filled with precious energy that even their buildings are imbued with it. Annoyingly, another faction has also noticed and your brood-mother never taught you to share…In ‘They Came from Space’, you control either an alien Overseer (in Virtual Reality) or one of their drones in a 50’s B-Movie Alien Invasion. Overseer and Pilots work together to destroy mankind’s primitive structures and harvest the energy contained within, whilst battling a rival faction attempting to move in on your claim. Destroy the town, harvest the energy, and use it to chase off your foes.

As the Overseer, use destructive powers to destroy the town around you, wrenching buildings from their foundations and destroying all that stands before you. Destroyed buildings provide energy for your Mothership, and once you have enough, you can charge your laser and destroy your enemy’s protective dome. Once the dome is down, attack with everything you’ve got. If you destroy them, their fleet will be forced to retreat in shame back to their home planet.

As a Pilot, fly around hoovering up livestock, people and small pets, along with any exposed energy, before returning it to your Overseer to help charge the laser. Hunt and destroy enemy drones to steal any energy they have gathered. When the enemy’s protective dome is shattered, attack and destroy their Overseer and show them who are the true conquerors of Earth.


  • VR / PC Cross-Play – VR Alien Players & PC Wingmen Players
  • Up to 10-Player Online Team Battles
  • Fully Destructible and Dynamic World
  • Cloud-Powered Physics
  • Streaming Director Cameras
  • Stream Chat In-game

About Cloudgine

Cloud gaming presents a whole host of exciting possibilities and untapped opportunities. Just as 3D graphics revolutionised the 1990s, and online gaming changed everything in the 2000s, this new technology has the capability to create unique experiences never before possible.

This is where Cloudgine steps in. We have the ambitious goal of demonstrating that Cloud gaming has much more to offer than save games and dedicated servers. By leveraging the immense power available within datacentres, computationally intensive game components such as physics and A.I. can be supercharged in order to deliver game experiences that go well beyond what any console or PC can offer now or in the future.

With Cloudgine’s extensive experience in online games development and distributed computing we are uniquely positioned to help game studios of any size transition to this new revolutionary paradigm by providing tools and expertise throughout the process.